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Wireless Brainwave Technology for Adaptive Learning

Jan 7, 2020 1:05:00 PM / by Mamta Sonwalkar



IntellADAPT’s adaptive learning system achieves results by adapting course material to use the most effective learning strategy for each learner. But how is this determined? The answer lies with a technology that was once restricted to the laboratory setting, but has recently become widely available to consumers.

You are probably familiar with the concept of neural imaging, which allows scientists to collect data about how a subject’s brain reacts to various stimuli. Depending on which neurons are firing, this process creates a sort of map that shows different regions of the brains lighting up.

What you may not know is that a simplified version of this technology is now easily attainable, most commonly in the form of a Bluetooth-enabled headband. While some such headbands can run several hundred dollars or more, others can be purchased for as little as twenty dollars.

This is the technology intellADAPT uses to determine a student’s optimal learning models. Learner’s are given a sample lesson while wearing a brainwave-monitoring headband. Based on which learning model garners the best response, subsequent lessons are then adapted to achieve the best possible results. It is through this process that intellADAPT offers an unmatched experience in truly adaptive learning.

Topics: Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology