What is Pedagogy?

Oct 9, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by intellADAPT

You may have encountered the term “pedagogy” in the context of strategic approaches to learning. But what exactly does this term mean? The word “pedagogy” comes to us from the Greek paidagōgia meaning literally “to lead a child”. Over time, the word came to refer more specifically to the process of leading people to knowledge: the art of education.

Pedagogy is about more than simply handing someone a workbook or multiplication tables. Effective pedagogy is more than rote memorization. It is about a relationship between teacher and learner that takes into account the individual needs of the learner, so that he or she can most effectively acquire knowledge.

An effective pedagogy therefore requires adapting strategies to best suit the learner. IntellADAPT’s adaptive learning platform does just that. Utilizing five different teaching methods, intellADAPT finds the optimal strategy for each learner based on how they react to a test module. Each subsequent lesson is then presented using the most effective strategy.

By adapting to a learner’s needs, intellADAPT enacts a pedagogy that achieves results. Offering courses in everything from English to math, physics, computer science, and everything in between, intellADAPT can help both teachers and learners achieve better results in less time. Learn about our range of services today and see how intellADAPT can provide a solution tailored to your needs!

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