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Event: Using Brainwave Analysis to Understand Learning in VR and AR

Jan 6, 2020 11:09:46 AM / by Mamta Sonwalkar


Using Brainwave Analysis to Understand Learning in VR and AR

Date: January 23, 2020

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Location: Venture Development Center, UMASS, Boston


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications have seen steady growth in the marketing and product training sectors.  Even the manufacturing sector is beginning to use AR/VR for employee training and development.  However, the education sector is lagging in the application of AR and VR learning environments that can add significant value to the learners. It is imperative to understand the efficacy and effectiveness of AR and VR educational environments on human learning by conducting brain-wave studies.  The advent in brainwave adaptive learning using EEG headbands has given us an unprecedented opportunity to bring convergence between AR for 2-D and VR for 3-D learning environments. Brainwave adaptive learning technology, when combined with real-time AR/VR visual learning, can lead to significant acceleration in the learning outcome in STEM education. 

We have gathered a panel of experts from AR/VR and Brainwave learning arena to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this novel area of education and training technology. 

Join us for an interactive panel discussion. Reserve a seat here.

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