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Nov 29, 2019 12:53:06 PM / by Mamta Sonwalkar



Knowledge is Power; how we deliver matters.

The conventional wisdom of teaching does not apply to our generation. Each learner is unique. Academics and educators are all realizing the demand and need for the individualized learning system. Yet, in public schools and colleges, this is a daunting and challenging task due to funding and resources. IntellAdapt provides the technology to bridge that gap through adaptive courses.
As Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (Sonwalkar Institute) elaborates, pedagogy is about more than simply handing someone a workbook or multiplication tables. Effective pedagogy is more than rote memorization. It is about a relationship between teacher and learner that takes into account the individual needs of the learner so that he or she can most effectively acquire knowledge.

At IntellAdapt, we realize this and are always trying to discover unique learning modules in transferring knowledge. IntellAdapt has created a cutting edge and unique learning platform. It is an adaptive learning platform. Because an effective pedagogy requires adapting strategies to best suit the learner.  IntellADAPT’s adaptive learning platform does just that. Check out our sample courses at




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