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Creating a Video based Course? Design with LAVA

Feb 11, 2020 1:24:31 PM / by intellADAPT


Learning with Adaptive Video Assessment

LAVA is a new way to create Digital learning with Online Assessments. Videos rendered on LAVA platform can be used for training, education, and HR compliance. Reach your audience anywhere, everywhere with mobile accessibility and desktop support.

Getting started on Digital learning using video is easy with the LAVA platform

Easily Add several types of assessments and questions

  • Multiple choice
  • True / False
  • Short answer

You can also go In-Depth

  • Create Adaptive assessments
  • Rendering only the segments the learner needs

Want more? You also get the Revision Stream.

  • Give learners what interests them in Learning
  • Allow LAVA to compile review sections instead of sifting through entire sections


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