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How to reduce stress in college?

Dec 30, 2019 12:08:00 PM / by Mamta Sonwalkar



At IntellAdapt, we have created a life-changing learning course for college students. Time Management Adaptive Learning is useful in the successful management of time and completion of tasks. Many students suffer from anxiety related to time-management. Share this course with your college-bound or college student.

Many students have reported extreme anxiety and stress as they navigate college life and courses. This adaptive learning based coupled with Brainwave technology gives students a life skill allowing them to enjoy college life with guaranteed success.


Time- Management Adaptive learning entails the following:

  • Helps students balance their busy lives with their college courses
  • Teaches students how to implement long and short-term planning skills
  • Teaches students how to apply time management applications and theories
  • Teaches students how to create and use a calendar
  • Reduce stress

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Topics: Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology