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Adaptive courses ready to help people “upskill” themselves for a new economy.

Mar 3, 2020 10:37:00 AM / by intellADAPT


There is no shortage of online course material claiming to be “adaptive”. But the reality is that most of this content is static: there is no true adaptation to the learner. IntellADAPT’s adaptive courses offer true adaptive learning that responds to a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to better achieve their complete potential. By identifying more effective learning strategies and recognizing which ones don’t work as well, course material by intellADAPT offers the rare learning experience that is not only engaging but streamlined, efficient, and most importantly, helps students to learn smarter!

In less than an hour, intellADAPT’s Brainiak kit identifies optimal learning strategies based on the reception of sample course material by the student. The course is then presented using strategies tailored to the student’s learner profile. Analyzing each individual’s “learner DNA”, intellADAPT is able to provide an unmatched experience in education: a truly adaptive approach to the pursuit of knowledge.

Creating a smarter workforce for the 21st century

Given the constantly evolving nature of the global economy, there are millions who stand to benefit from acquiring new skills in STEM fields. Adults as well as younger learners can improve themselves through intellADAPT’s adaptive course material. A little programming knowledge can mean the difference between earning $15/hr and $80/hr. The education one received yesterday may no longer provide adequate foundation for a fruitful career. Adaptive course material from intellADAPT is ready to help people “upskill” themselves for a new economy.

This process of “upskilling” addresses economic anxieties that are universal in today’s world. Perhaps the most pronounced material benefit, though, will be seen in developing nations. For workers in places with limited resources and fewer high-paying jobs, adaptive learning offers a path to excellence in the global economy, empowering people to take control of their situation and rise to meet the challenges of a dynamic job market. As the manufacturing industries increasingly turn to automated systems, such educational resources ensure that workers will not be left behind.

Learn more about intellADAPT true adaptive learning and browse our course selection to see if anyone you know could benefit from a smarter learning experience!

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