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Convert your class to an effective online Adaptive Learning experience

Mar 17, 2020 11:45:56 AM / by Mamta Sonwalkar

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I have the lessons, files and text from a course I teach, can I convert my old course material?

The answer is YES. 

Previous course materials will help set a strong foundation for building a new course. With our intellAdapt LMS quickly import your media files, texts and videos and create tests for your students. Course materials and lectures can be quickly dragged and dropped as concepts. If you are a teacher, you might find the transition to be quicker than expected.

  1. Lecture and discussion-based course (Apprenticeship): This is the most prevalent form of the course delivery mechanism that includes lectures that are followed by class discussion.
  2. Case study discussion course (Incidental learning): The courses are designed to expose students with real cases and to engage in role-playing to enact the case scenario and to allow students to get through events that lead to learning. Business schools often emphasize case-based learning. 
  3. Term paper-based course (Inductive learning): Many courses now encourage directed study that involves writing a term paper at the end of the semester based on the reading assign to the student by a domain expert. 
  1. Project-based course (Deductive learning): The project allows students to formulate their own construct and strategy for applying concepts learned either on their own or by a limited number of lectures.
  2. Hands-on experimental course(Discovery learning): These courses are experimental and require lab-work. The idea is to allow students to conduct specific experiments, collect data and draw conclusions based on the trends observed in the collected data. 

It is optimal to start with the concepts for each course. The course builder then determines which content will be used to explain each concept. From here you can match existing material with the concepts that will be covered based on the learning style. Once the LMS and the instructor goes through shuffling the existing content and building the main structure of the course, they can move to the next step.

How much new material will I need to create? 

The need for new material will be decided by which learning styles may not have enough content. But even in such cases, students can cycle through to other learning strategies to supplement their learning.


Migrating to the intellAdapt Adaptive Platform will ensure that students learn with the optimal strategy and stay engaged.  Contact us here to start today!



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