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Prepare for the Advanced Placement Physics exams with Adaptive Courses

Mar 10, 2020 11:32:24 AM / by intellADAPT

The 2020 AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 4 through 8 and May 11 through 15. Are you ready?



Prepare with a comprehensive review.

IntellADAPT is positioned to ensure that U.S. students are prepared for the exciting career opportunities in STEM-related fields.The advanced placement exam is one of the most important factors in determining college readiness. Achieving a 5 on Advanced Placements is the final goal of test takers like yourself. intellADAPT's Adaptive AP physics Course can help you achieve that goal.

Additionally, acing the AP physics test not only proves that you are prepared for college level courses but it also reduces the cost of college by eliminating a course that most colleges require as a prerequisite.

 The adaptive physics offering is used to better accommodate individual learner’s needs to deepen their comprehension of physics. Physics is a foundation course for many STEM careers, including those in the health care industry, yet many students struggle through the content, get discouraged, and drop out of their dream majors as a result.



What is our course about?
The emphasis is given to on the rigorous conceptual understanding of principles with building competency in solving problems that you will encounter in AP exams or CLAP exams. Once you reach the 100% competency in the fundamental principles you will have solid foundation to build your career in science and technology. The adaptive learning technology platform used for this Massive Open Online Course is highly adaptive with five learning strategies that you can choose to master the subject matter. The brain-based adaptive learning approach is extremely effective and has demonstrated very high learning outcome for students with individual learning needs. 

Course objectives
This course will help you develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics while gaining experience in solving problems. After completing the course successfully, you will:

Understand fundamental laws of physics.
Clear conceptual understanding principles behind the laws of physics.
Develop competency to apply principles to solve problems.
Prepare you completely for the Advanced Placement exams in AP Physics.


With the ability to adapt to each student’s learning strategy you no longer have to worry. Our Adaptive 2.0 technology can assess, predict and assign a perfect learning strategy that is tailored to your students. With big data analytics we are able to figure out what will best help your students and take the stress out of using traditional methods that take much more time.


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