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Adaptive Learning: A game-changer

Dec 10, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Mamta Sonwalkar



IntellAdapt has one vision; To be a game-changer in how we learn and teach. Designed to create learning strategies to ensure success, IntellAdapt measures a learner's reaction to various learning strategies. In the course of one preliminary session, IntellAdapt identifies an optimal approach to learning. Each customized to an individual's learning potential.


Many students, due to social, cultural, and economic hindrances, are left behind in training and advancement. IntellAdapt aims to provide the platform that is easily accessible through mobile technology giving accessibility to anybody from anywhere. Many who don't have the time or haven't had the opportunity can use IntellAdapt to advance them in high or difficult concepts otherwise made available only through academia or high-priced training. IntellAdapt gives learners in the digital era a competitive edge.  Learn more about customized learning solutions at IntellAdapt.

Topics: Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology