Dr. Nish Sonwalkar presents at the Adaptive Learning Leadership conference in DC.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar presented at the Adaptive Learning Summit in DC on August 25, discussing the importance of personalized learning in the modern classroom, how intellADAPT’s Adaptive 2.0 software can boost learning efficiency for a wide range of ages and topics, and the future of intellADAPT with brain-wave adaptive learning.


MITCOB Panel Discussion Moderated by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar

Post by: Andrew Ficken

Everyone’s burning question was finally answered at MIT Club of Boston’s panel discussion, “who the heck cares about social media?”
Moderator Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, founder and CEO of intellADAPT, introduced an unusual panel of successful millennials whose careers would not exist without the help social media. Panelist Toni Oloko is the founder and CEO of PracticeGigs, an app to match local tennis players for practice, even offering to hire professionals for an additional fee. Carolyn Reckhow, Head of Staff at LeanGap, an entrepreneurship accelerator program for high school students, just finished her Master’s in macro social work at Boston University while also serving as marketing coordinator for CityAwake, an organization which strives to foster Boston’s social impact ecosystem through social entrepreneurship. Finally, Eddy Zhong is the co-founder of LeanGap, the story of his success covered by Business Insider, Business Journals, and Huffington Post a few months after the company’s founding. Together, they discuss which social media platform is best, how much time should be allocated to your social media identity, how to most effectively build your online profile, and what exactly is a hashtag. Newer generations are interested in the authentic and mundane aspects of people’s lives. In order to connect with as many people as possible, you need to provide them with opportunities to engage with you. While it all may seem daunting and time consuming, all that is needed to keep up to date is a few minutes on the way to get coffee or while waiting on the train for work each day. Together, these young professionals go into detail about all of these aspects of social media and more.

Watch the video recording of the panel discussion below:

Video: The New Age of Personal Brand Building

On May 28th, 2015, intellADAPT’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, served as moderator of the MIT Club of Boston’s panel discussion, “The New Age of Personal Brand Building:  Marketing Yourself with Social Media”.

The panel discussion focused on the importance of embracing this new age of media marketing and brand building that we are entering.  Panel members discussed the challenge of surviving in the fast paced world of self-promotion and the use of various social media outlets including, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked-in and Youtube.

Watch the video of the panel discussion below:

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