IntellADAPT Launches First Big Data Analytics Driven Adaptive AP Physics Course

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Contact: Nicholas Simmons, Marketing Director
intellADAPT, Inc.

IntellADAPT Launches First Big Data Analytics Driven Adaptive AP Physics Course

The percentage of students who receive a 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) Physics 1 and Physics 2 exams is 4.6% and 8.5% respectively. (CollegeBoard, 2016). The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that by 2018, the U.S. will have more than 1.2 million unfilled STEM jobs due to the lack of qualified workers to fill them. IntellADAPT is positioned to ensure that U.S. students are prepared for the exciting career opportunities in STEM-related fields.

IntellADAPT, a leader in adaptive learning technology, has recently launched the first Adaptive AP Physics course to prepare students for the AP physics exams.  A high score in AP physics exams enables high school students to get into good universities and reduces cost of education by earning college credits. The adaptive course is integrated with the classroom instruction as an adaptive resource for the classroom (ARC).   This ARC allows students to learn difficult concepts in physics with differentiated instructional design and continuous intelligent feedback with assessment and remediation. ARC uses big data analytics to enable teachers to get real time student data to improve learning outcome for AP classes.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, ScD MIT, founder and CEO of intellADAPT, commented “There is an acute shortage of AP Physics teachers in educational workforce today. As Physics is gateway course to various fields within STEM education, it is essential that we provide necessary adaptive resources and big data analytics to enhance physics education. We are delighted to receive National Science Foundation funding to provide adaptive learning for physics education across the country.”

This coming spring semester 2017, IntellADAPT is working with numerous teachers and hundreds of students across USA. The adaptive physics offering is used to better accommodate individual learner’s needs to deepen their comprehension of physics.  Physics is a foundational course for many STEM careers, including those in the health care industry, yet many students struggle through the content, get discouraged, and drop out of their dream majors as a result.

“Big data analytics driven adaptive learning technology is a powerful learning tool for students to master difficult concepts using multiple learning strategies,” said Charles McClinton, PhD.  VP of Academic Program Development. “The platform enables teachers to manage their class and improve competency of the students simultaneously.”

About intellADAPT, Inc.:  IntellADAPT is an EdwiseTech Inc. company, a pioneer in adaptive learning and is based in UMass Boston’s Venture Development Center.  Founded in 2014, its products are based upon cognitive learning theories and the latest brainwave science to perform real-time analytics and drive deep comprehension. The company has developed a patented Adaptive 2.0 platform to enable advanced education technology for STEM education.

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Adaptive Learning for STEM Education: Adaptive Physics Demonstration

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Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, former Principal Educational Architect of MIT and found and CEO of intellADAPT, will demonstrate how intellADAPT’s patented technology can help you better achieve your education and learning outcome goals. Join us on August 24th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST to learn more about this exciting new technology platform for STEM education.

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Adaptive 2.0 to Help Millions of STEM Students


With the assistance of a National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR grant, (formerly Synaptic Global Learning ) has developed a groundbreaking adaptive massive open online course (aMOOC) aimed at “Mastering Fundamentals of Physics.” This course will provide 100,000 to 150,000 students a year the preparation they need to sit the Advanced Placement (AP) exams in Physics completely free. This is the first of 20 aMOOCs under development in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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