Kinematics: A New Mobile Adaptive APP

In 2014 intellADAPT developed and deployed the world’s first adaptive Massive Open Online Course (aMOOC) in ‘Mastering Fundamentals of Physics’.  In keeping with our mission to expand access to quality STEM education we are proud to announce the release of our Mobile Adaptive APP ‘Mastering Fundamentals of Physics’ course.  For the first time IntellADAPT’s patented Adaptive 2.0 technology is available on all Android powered mobile devices, through the Google Play Store, with access on iOS and Windows devices coming soon.  Available as nano adaptive courses, you can master the ‘Fundamentals of Physics’, one segment at a time, starting with ‘Kinematics’, right on your smartphone.  In addition to our Physics courses,  intellADAPT will be offering nano adaptive courses in Algebra, Statistics, and Computer Programming in Ruby to provide the necessary logical background for success in STEM education.

We invite you to download the world’s first nano adaptive course in Kinematics by clicking the icon below: