Dr. Nish Sonwalkar presents at the Adaptive Learning Leadership conference in DC.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar presented at the Adaptive Learning Summit in DC on August 25, discussing the importance of personalized learning in the modern classroom, how intellADAPT’s Adaptive 2.0 software can boost learning efficiency for a wide range of ages and topics, and the future of intellADAPT with brain-wave adaptive learning.


Announcing: Adaptive Mobile Learning Apps

intellADAPT is proud to announce the launch of Adaptive Mobile Learning (AMOL) Apps part of the Adaptive 2.0 Platform. For the first time Adaptive 2.0 technology is available in Mobile App form, allowing for even greater portability and productivity. Compatible with Windows, Android & iOS devices as well as all modern Internet browsers, the Adaptive 2.0 platform provides unparalleled flexibility as the connected learner transitions between their desktop, tablet and smartphone throughout the day. Powered by intellADAPT’s Adaptive 2.0 technology, Adaptive Apps for training and development purposes have never been more powerful and affordable.

Whether you are looking for a native, web-based, or hybrid Adaptive 2.0 App we have a solution for you.

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