Adaptive Learning Demonstrations, Discounted Prices

Easily individualize your instruction with adaptive learning technology.   Adopt a course for summer or fall by May 31 and receive a discounted price!

Do you want to try something new in your classroom next year to individualize instruction for each student more easily? Our Adaptive Learning Platform 2.0 can help! Sign up to use one of our adaptive learning courses for the summer or fall by May 31 and you will receive up to 50% off the list price. This offer extends to our Do-It-Yourself Authoring Tools and Custom Services purchase as well.

Intrigued? Join our 30-minute online demonstration on Friday, May 13 from at 10am ET. You will see how our Adaptive 2.0 Platform works to differentiate instruction to each learner’s individual learning strategy. You will be able to ask questions throughout the demonstration.

Superstitious about Friday the 13th? We have added 2 new demonstration sessions on:

  • Thursday, May 19 at 4pm ET
  • Tuesday, May 24 at 4pm ET

IntellADAPT has online adaptive learning courseware for STEM subjects to supplement your lessons. Our Adaptive 2.0 Platform automatically differentiates instruction according to the student’s personal learning strategy, enabling him or her to more easily understand the content. This courseware is ready to use and requires minimal time for you to include as a class resource.

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IntellADAPT delivers:

  • Automatic differentiated instruction for each student requiring drastically reduced time from teachers to plan lessons
  • Content presented according to student’s personal learning strategy (determined by the courseware) via desktop, tablet, or mobile device
  • STEM content appropriate for grades 11-12 or university introductory level
  • Real-time assessments and feedback driving revised pathways of content to yield greater comprehension and better outcomes
  • Higher course completion rates and improved student performance
  • Physics, Algebra, Statistics available for use in Summer or Fall 2016. Biology, Chemistry, and other courses will be created in the fall.
  • The ability to modify content or create your own custom adaptive learning courseware with our Adaptive 2.0 platform

See you at our upcoming online demonstration!