Adaptive Physics Demonstration Webinar

Adaptive Learning for STEM Education: Adaptive Physics Demonstration Webinar

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Join our free webinar designed to demonstrate how integrating adaptive learning with your existing classroom teaching can produce the following results:

  • Support for individual learning strategies.
  • Ensure that your students achieve highest quality of education and training and complete competency of relevant concepts.
  • Accelerate the learning process to allow your students to master concept in half the time.

Dr. Sharyn Hardy (E.D.), Vice President of Operations and Projects of intellADAPT, will demonstrate how intellADAPT’s patented technology can help you better achieve your education and learning outcome goals.

Join us for one of the following webinars:

  1. Friday, February 12, 3PM – 4PM EST
  2. Tuesday, February 16, 10AM – 11AM EST
  3. Friday, February 19, 1PM – 2PM EST
  4. Tuesday, February 23, 7PM – 8PM EST

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